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Spring 2014 Energy Challenge results are in!

2014 Energy Challenge Dates

Monday, March 24th - Monday, April 21st

Who to Beat:

During the 2013 Fall Energy Challenge, the winners were:

  • Geology/Survey
  • Maurer School of Law
  • Jordan Hall
  • Ashton
  • Collins
  • Read
  • Tulip Tree 
What Is the Challenge?
The purpose of the Energy Challenge is to instill conservation habits in participants. It rewards participants for making small behavior changes that, when performed collectively, can substantially decrease Indiana University's environmental impact. 
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Quick Conservation Tips
Turn off and unplug all appliances and chargers after use
Set computer to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity
Only wash full loads of laundry and air dry clothing
Turn off water while brushing teeth and soaping up in the shower
Turn off lights after leaving every room

News Items:

1. Join us at the Spring 2014 Energy Challenge Awards Ceremony, Wednesday, April 23rd at the Sample Gates at Noon!

Check out the Rankings and come join us this Wednesday April 23rd at the Awards Ceremony at the Sample Gates at 12pm to congratulate all!

2. Download the IU Energy Matters Mobile App to help you win this competition and to monitor your building's energy usage!

Check out "" for more information!

Energy Matters

3. Competitors in this Spring's competition are: | Back to Top

Be sure to stay up to date on your building's ranking throughout the semester! Good luck and have fun!

-DeVault Alumni Center
-IU Foundation
-Wells Library

-Kelley Grad


NW RPS Neighborhood

NE RPS Neighborhood
-Campus View
-Tulip Tree
-University Apts.

Central RPS Neighborhood
-Union Street Center

SE RPS Neighborhood
-Third & Union

4. The Greek Energy Challenge Kick-off Event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 10th from 8pm-9pm at the E-house. | Back to Top

Come ready to share ideas to make this semester's challenge a success! Delta Delta Delta took the grand prize last semester; let the competition begin!

Delta Delta Delta banner

5. Energy Challenge Video | Back to Top

6. Photo Booth | Back to Top


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