Indiana University Bloomington

Who to Beat:

The winners of the Spring 2014 Energy Challenge were:

- Central: Teter Quad
- Northeast: Everman Apartments
- Northwest: Briscoe Quad
- Southeast: Rose Hall
- Greeks: Theta Chi
- Classroom: Jacobs East Studio
- Administrative: Bryan Hall

What Is the Challenge?
The purpose of the Energy Challenge is to instill conservation habits in participants. It rewards participants for making small behavior changes that, when performed collectively, can substantially decrease Indiana University's environmental impact. 

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Quick Conservation Tips
Turn off and unplug all appliances and chargers after use
Set computer to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity
Only wash full loads of laundry and air dry clothing
Turn off water while brushing teeth and soaping up in the shower
Turn off lights after leaving every room

Fall 2014 IU Energy Challenge
Monday, Oct. 13th-Monday, Nov. 10th

You have the power, Turn off the light

New Additions to the Fall 2014 IU Energy Challenge:

IU Eco-App

What it is:
- A new gaming app based on learning about energy conservation

How it works:
- Participants earn points by reading tips, taking quizzes, commiting to perform simple sustainable actions, and more!
- Players can redeem points for FREE gift cards!

Interested? Learn more by clicking here.

Administrative/Academic Buildings:

Academic and Administrative buildings will be competing against only one other building during the Fall 2014 competition (except for labs). The contest pairings are as follows:

DeVault Alumni vs. Service Building
Bryan Hall vs. Student Building
Maxwell Hall vs. Owen Hall
Lindley Hall vs. Swain Hall
Rawles Hall vs. Wright Education Building
Geology vs. SPEA
Chemistry vs. Jordan vs. Myers

Greek Houses:
- Alpha Chi Omega
- Alpha Delta Pi
- Alpha Gamma Delta
- Alpha Omicron Pi
- Alpha Xi Delta
- Chi Omega
- Delta Delta Delta
- Delta Gamma
- Delta Upsilon
- Delta Zeta
- Kappa Delta
- Phi Mu
- Pi Beta Phi
- Sigma Alpha Mu
- Sigma Delta Tau
- Theta Chi

Delta Delta Delta shows off their enthusiasm for the Energy Challenge with their bedsheet banner!

Delta Delta Delta banner

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