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Official Rules

Each building competes against a usage baseline, an average of electricity and water usage for their building. Electricity usage carries twice the composite weight of water usage.  The combined water (33%) and electricity (66%) usage makes up the composite usage for each building.

Weekly, our utilities team records both the water and electricity usage of each building.  These recordings are compared to the buildings’ baselines.  The buildings that reduce their water and electricity usage by the highest percentage are crowned as winners of the Energy Challenge.


-Participants take pictures of themselves taking part in certain sustainable activities fall under the four categories of Electricity, Water, General Sustainability, and Creativity (outlined below).

-Players then either post the pictures to the IU Energy Challenge Facebook page or tweet them to the IU Energy Challenge (@HoosierEC) with their name, residence center (or Greek chapter), and #iuenergychallenge.

-Students receive one point for each picture posted and can redeem points earned for gift cards (a list of options can be seen below). A representative for each residence center or Greek chapter will be notified every week of participants' point accumulations. In addition, players can email if they have questions regarding points.

-After the end of the Energy Challenge, students email us at with their name, residence or Greek chapter, and gift card selection. Gift cards will be mailed to students via Campus Mail.


Take pictures of you and your friends participating in the following activities:

Electricity Water
-Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
-Turning off lights when leaving the room
-Unplugging chargers when not in use
-Using a drying rack instead of a dryer
-Checking out the Energy Matters app on IU Mobile
-Using task-oriented lighting instead of lighting an entire room
-Setting computer to sleep or turning it off when not in use
-Running the dishwasher only when it's full

-Washing laundry in cold water
-Matching water level to the size of the load when doing laundry
-Avoiding use of a tray in the dining halls
-Reporting leaks to (812)855-3740
-Avoiding use of air conditioning/heat
-Washing dishes in a dishwasher instead of by hand
General Sustainability Creativity
-Eating meals with no meat
-Getting your dorm room Green Room Certified
-Using a reusable water bottle
-Checking out
-Riding a bike
-Taking the bus
-Participating in Campus Garden Workdays
-Attending a Sustainability-related event

-Show us YOUR best idea for conserving electricity and water or promoting general sustainability
Points Gift Card Options:
-Earning 63 points= $20 gift card
-Earning 42 points= $15 gift card
-Earning 21 points=$10 gift card

-In addition, the person with the best picture in Creative category will win an additional $15 gift card.
-Bloomington Bagel
-Mother Bear's
-Runcible Spoon
-TIS Bookstore
-Vintage Vogue


Questions? Comments? Contact us at